What makes sellers decide to wait on selling 

The majority of sellers believe home prices will increase in the next year. Our market has been increasing in the last year although it seems to have leveled out at this point. There are always pro's and con's in playing the market.  Often sellers will wait in anticipation that they can sell at a higher price, and buy a bigger home or just take the equity from the sale to invest in other ways.  


Move up properties

Things that concern these sellers

I have been in these situations where the seller puts their home on the market, it is a hot market and the property sells quickly. The concern then is will they be able to find the right move-up property? Another issue is will they be able to sell before prices start to fall. The sale of their home is only a good situation if they can sell in that up market. 


How to make an informed decision

I would say one key thing when choosing your Realtor is the experience and knowledge of that agent. There are many agents that will list a property at any price without any concern for the seller. This is of no benefit to the seller, it is misleading and a waste of everyone's time. We look at the market and price accordingly, our goal is to help our clients reach their goals. We have a home valuation link that will give you ball park price on your home. If you would like a more detailed evaluation we would need to see the home in person. Give us a call!


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 This content created by Barbara VanderMeulen Lead Buyer Specialist

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