Think of a buyer that will be a perfect match!

House on the Beach

I am going to say I have held many open houses in the last few months. This is an opportunity to connect with clients that are thinking of buying. Recently I have connected with a couple that sold their home up north. They are in a rental currently so they do not have to buy right away, but if the right property comes along they will go for it. Making a mental note of who is looking for what is key.

What makes a buyer stick with you?

One reason is that I am only sending them properties that match what they need. I don't send every single property that comes on the market in their price range. I listen to what they would like in there next home and only send them those properties. Once I have met a buyer and they trust my knowledge of the market and realize I am here to help them on their journey, the choice is easy.

Well now that property just came on the market!

So it's all in how quickly you react to that great property at a great price. Today this is what exactly what happened. I emailed the property and called the buyer. We will not wait till the weekend when they are off to look at the property; we will look at it after they get out of work. If they like the home again we will be writing a contract that evening and getting it to the listing agent.

In Conclusion......

Having the right Realtor that watches the market and is ready to react quickly in your best interest will bring you Home! Building relationships that last a lifetime is one of the best jobs I could have. Let us know if we can keep an eye on the market for you? Homes for you!


This content created by Barbara VanderMeulen, Lead Buyer Specialist