Our first meeting

I got a call from a woman that has her Real Estate License, but only works as a referral agent. I have had her out a few times and explained to her that I would be happy to pay her a referral fee of 25% on her purchase. She was good with that! I also explained that I only work exclusively with my buyers and had her sign the exclusive buyer agency agreement. I got a feel for what she was looking for and so we set up a second meeting.


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Our second meeting

I showed her a few more properties and decided to ask why she was not working with an agent from her office. She told me that she had referred a few people to them and their follow up was not very good. So either the price point was too low, what they were looking for was not available, or that they maybe did not want to pay out a referral fee Not really sure! 

I did explain that when I refer someone I make sure I have an agent on the receiving side that will work that lead.


Just to explain how I work

I moved to Florida about 3 years ago. My first year here I did 22 referrals mostly from the state I came from but a few from other states. I am a full time agent and have become very good a screening agents for my clients, as well as receiving clients from other agents. I believe if you ask the right questions you can determine whether you have found a match. Often the personalities need to match as well as the experience in the area. Being in the business for 17 years we have come across many situations. It is  our goal to help people in their journey. It is not about the money you make or the money you payout on a referral, it is about the relationship and the client knowing they can call on you anytime. Before! During! and After! the sale. 


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