1950 after WWII

Many soldiers returning home tens of millions of babies born in
just the first few years. "The Baby Boom" Therefore the need for more housing.  This situation created jobs for many as the demand for housing was there. Private residential investment coming from new construction. 

Our market today

We are in another situation of having a housing shortage. Inventory is low. Buyers are out there but it seems that so are the investors.  The demand for rentals is high so the investors are purchasing to rent rather than fix and flip. 

So where are we with new construction?

Currently, the new construction is pretty competitive with resale properties. Reason for this is many of the resale properties were bought at the height of the market. If you can buy new for $15,000-$20,000 more than a resale property wouldn't that make sense? We are currently working with a variety of builders that make a great product that are energy efficient. 


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This content was created by Barbara VanderMeulen lead buyer specialist