Seth GodinThis morning I'm going to steal from noted author and marketing expert, Seth Godin, and make the analogy to his blog post today, "Listening to smart vs. I'm with stupid".  The key take away if you don't read any further or read his post is that you should always work with an expert in the field you need help in.

With real estate, it never ceases to amaze me when people work with inexperienced agents on real estate transactions that represent one of the largest financial decisions of their lives.  I always feel sorry for those people because I know many times their costing themselves thousands of dollars whether buying or selling because their inexperienced agent doesn't know the pitfalls to avoid or the advice to give in situations that arise during many real estate transactions.

Just a few examples of mistakes that are made or problems that come up:

  • Pricing the home too high or too low
  • Offering too much or too little and learning nothing in the negotiation process
  • Structuring a deal with terms that are better for the buyer or seller that are not tied to the price
  • The buyer's financing runs into trouble with their first choice of lenders
  • The home doesn't appraise both from a buyer and seller perspective
  • Issues are found during the home inspection and how to resolve them

The above are just a few reasons you should always seek out an experienced real estate agent to help you with your real estate goals and not your sister's friend's uncle who just go his real estate license because everything else he tried didn't work out.  In Florida, and around the country really, it's far too easy to get a real estate license and be unleashed on the unsuspecting public.

Lucky for you, you've found our web site and all of our agents are experienced and full time professionals at what they do. If you're not looking in Florida, we can help you find an experienced agent anywhere in the United States.