Many things to be Thankful for! 

It is this time of year that we often reflect on what we are thankful for. It could be friends and family. It could be your co-workers or neighbors. I am thankful for all. This year my son and his wife had our first grandchild which was been a wonderful blessing . If you are a grandparent you know the world is a better place with grandchildren.

Having the option to live where we do

I am also thankful for where I live and how fortunate I am to be able to  be in the business I am in. Helping people find a wonderful home and a great community is sometimes a challenge. When you make this happen there is no better feeling, than to know you were a part of it. Building friendships with wonderful people.

Somethings to reflect on

As tomorrow is Thanksgiving I will reflect on how fortunate I am to sit down and have a meal with my children, I will miss my son that lives in Massachusetts, but we will do it all over again when he comes to visit this winter. Very fortunate to have a husband that is a great cook that will prepare our meal. Being greatful changes our prospective on the world. It changes our thought process into what we have is enough, it opens our hearts to helping others.  


Our wish to you and your family is to have a Happy Thanksgiving,
be thankful for all that you have, and enjoy your friends and family!



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 This content created by Barbara VanderMeulen Lead Buyer Specialist

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