What is the job of a Realtor?

When I started in real estate I was told my job was not selling houses my job was lead generating. So as many of us do when we start out, is to make phone calls to people we know, expired properties that were listed but did not sell, or FSBO (for sale by owners) in hopes of getting a listing or buyer client. I have no problem calling people, I am just looking for a less intrusive way to connect.


Move up properties

How do you think these people feel?

I think they probably feel the same way you or I would feel. The people you know have no problem chatting with you, but don't want to be called every month to see if they know of someone looking to buy or sell. The expired's and FSBO get bombarded with phone calls from Realtors and most likely find it very annoying. 


How we work!

I think many  buyers and sellers go online to research Realtors. If they are able to see that consistantly you have satisfied clients they will be willing to give you a call. These sites that the reviews are posted on will only allow the clients to post. You are not able to just post your own reviews.

Once you get this information you would most likely go to the website http://www.spearsandassociates.com which tells you a lot about an agent. How much information is given about the area and the market? Are you able to look at market report to gather some information on your own neighborhood? We find that our clients like to have some base information before making a decision on whether they will be making a move. Visit our site directory of Hutchinson Island to see how easy it is to do a little research.



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 This content created by Barbara VanderMeulen Lead Buyer Specialist

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