Is your home ready?

We all know how it can be prior to guests arriving. It is best to start thinking of what needs to be done now.  Of course house needs to be nice and clean. Some of us have a guest suite which makes it comfortable for out guests. Freshening the linens and making items accessible like towels and toiletries.

Some other things to think about

How is the lighting in the room? When you are in your own home you may not need the lights, but when you are in someone else's home it is best to have night lights or motion lights. I would say place them in hallways, Bedrooms, and baths. Also if you have young children you may want to think about child proofing. 

Entry of your home

First impressions are at the front door. Lets make sure there is not a pile of shoes or clutter at the entry. Fresh paint and polished hardware with no squeaking front door. Sometimes people even have seasonal welcoming mats.

The main room of the house

We all tend to gather in the kitchen. This is where the food prep is going on and we like to keep our hostess company while they are preparing our meal. If you have the space place extra chairs around your counter so your guests can be seated. Also move the coffee pot to a family or dining room so that access is easier.

Our wish to you and your family is to have a Happy 
be thankful for all that you have, and enjoy your friends and family!


 If you are thinking you would like more information on the area let us know. 

 This content created by Barbara VanderMeulen Lead Buyer Specialist

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