Do you have thing that you do when Autumn gets here?

Halloween Pumpkin

I am hopeful that families are still creating traditions that are repeated year after year. My children are grown at this point so now it it time to start new traditions with the Grandchildren.

What kinds of things do people do?

One of the things I had done with my family was to go pumpkin picking. We would go out to the fields and the kids would all pick their own pumpkin so they could decorate it or cut it out. We also did the photo shoot where they would stand behind a cut out figure and put their head thru for the picture. Then there was apple picking which we can't do in Florida but we did in NY. 

What is the point of traditions?

The memories last a life time. We can reminisce about these fun times and share these stories with the next generation. Things like remember when Mike fell off the hay wagon into the mud or remember when steve join the entertainers at the orchard, singing his heart out. Or just thinking about how the kids enjoyed the petting zoo and feeding corn to the goats. 

I hope that families find a place to live that they can create many traditions.

Having an idea of the community that you will move to and what types of activities are local is helpful. When you live in an area where a variety of events are always happening then you do get to choose what memories you would like to create. What kinds of things are traditions in your family? I would love for you to comment and share so others may get some new ideas of things they can do with their families.  Just ask us whats happening in Martin County!





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