How many times have you been referred to a service provider?


Here are a few examples of this. I am the lead buyer specialist on our team. I moved to the area about 3 years ago. Being in Real Estate for 15 years in NY I had a pretty thriving business. The first year I moved here I had 22 referals, which were all clients that I had worked with in the past. It is important that you refer agents that will be able to match the personality as well as get the job done. 


How do you choose an agent when referring to another state?

I have a screening process that I use.  I initially will go online check out websites and see how it is set up. Is it just the canned site stuff, or has there been any effort put in to provide information. I then make a phone call, if I get a return call quickly that is a good thing. After speaking with the agent and basically interviewing them over the phone I can usually tell if they will be a good match. 

Some great examples

I had a woman that was getting ready to retire. She lived in the state about an hour and a half from Martin County. I followed the process that is above. She had her townhome listed and sold in 2 days. Then it became my time to find her something quickly. We did and closed on it 25 days later. I also had a couple that lived in NC looking to move closer to family. I followed the same process. The agent had their home sold in a week. They had already found a home in Florida so all we had to do was write the contract and get the owner to agree to a house selling contigency. They did and we were all set again. 


4. Key Points of Choosing

Finding the right service provider whether it is a Realtor, Lender, Home Inspector, or Handyman is an important part of our business. I always say that who ever I am referring needs to work the way I do and have the same principles. Responding in a timely manor, following up with each aspect of the transaction, being there to answer any questions or issues that may come up, and being able to explain the process to the client.


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