Need to take some time off 

It is a great when you have the opportunity to take some time off and get away from your daily routine. I just had a nice long weekend in the country with family. Do you feel regenerated when you step away from your day to day work and take a break?

Having business continue on while you are away

It is great if you have a co-worker or if you are like me on a team where you have great coverage while you are away. We are responsible for keeping all our ducks in a row and making sure that the home buying purchase is as smooth as possible. Instead of checking your e-mail several times a day you check it in the morning to make sure you don't have to take care of anything urgent. 

So while away a client changes their lender

I have never had this happen in the 16 years I have been selling real estate. My buyer had one lender and then decided to go with a lender that I had referred. He then decided to go back with his original lender without telling the second lender that he was doing this. His reasoning was that he would go with who ever could close the deal on time. (which is in 2 days)  Never a dull moment in Real Estate. Tell me the craziest thing that has happened to you while selling or buying a home. 



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 This content created by Barbara VanderMeulen Lead Buyer Specialist

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