1. The layout of a home

It can be very costly to reconfigure the layout of a home. If there are not enough bedrooms or baths again converting a room or adding onto a home can get expensive. 

2. The School district

I am currently working with a single mom that is very certain about what school district she does not want her son to go to. Therefore any property that comes up in those areas she will not even look at. Another situation would be if you are planning on having children you should research the school districts to make sure that this is acceptable for your family.

3. Your budget

Making sure that you stay within your budget is key. You never want to stretch yourself to the max. We all know that over time taxes and insurance will go up so why push yourself to the limit from the start.

4. Your neighbors

I always think about resale value. Even if you think this will be your home forever sometimes life throws you a curve and you may need to move. When looking at a home you should always look at the surrounding homes. Are they neat and clean or are they surrounded by clutter? Do they take care of the property? This will be a reflection on your property as well.

5. The Commute to work

Unless your employer is planning on opening some new locations you will need to know if it takes an hour to get to work then that will be two hours out of your day or 10 hours out of your week. 

So these are just 5 things that you should not think about
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Content created by Barbara VanderMeulen