Getting samples to test color

Often we get small samples of the color: Make sure you cover a big enough area so you can determine how the color is really going to look. 

Choosing the wrong shade

Recently I just sold a 2000 sq. ft. home. The interior was all white. Buyers decided on a color and painted the entire interior. Once complete the wife did not like, too many pink tones in the color. Again test one wall and then decide if you like. 

Variety of Finishes

Well, there are a variety of finishes like flat, satin, semi-gloss, or matte finish. The finish you choose should match the room purpose. Like Kitchens and baths should be done with a semi-gloss because of its moisture resistance. High traffic areas like hallways and kids bedrooms best are best with a flat finish easy to touch up.  

Skipping the Ceiling 

Sometimes we think oh the ceiling looks good enough. Painting the ceiling helps make the walls pop. Whether you paint it white or another color it makes the edges look sharp. You don't need to paint as often but as time goes by they will start looking dirty and dingy. 

Choosing boring colors

 Whites and beige colors boring....People often choose these colors so that they never have to paint. Paint is a reflection of your personality. Using soft colors is fine, there are many shades of beige and warm grays that are very trendy now.  





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 This content created by Barbara VanderMeulen Lead Buyer Specialist

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