The Andy Spears Team Mission Statement

Our goal is to provide every client with professional real estate advice at every step of the real estate transaction to ensure that our clients end up with professional results. We believe that's once you're our client, you are our client for life and that we'll always be there for you anytime you need us after your transaction is complete. In other words, whatever real estate question, challenge, or problem you face, we'll be there with an answer or solution when you ask.

Andy Spears Team agents are full time agents and they all have years of experience in real estate practice and we take a consultant approach to helping our clients.  We are hard working and will go the extra mile to find the answers and gather the information to help our clients achieve their goals.  Above all, integrity is the hallmark of a Spears & Associates agent and we'd rather tell you the truth at the risk of hurting your feelings than to sugar coat something just to get your business.

Our reputation speaks for itself in the reviews of our past clients who have given their testimonials without being asked to.  We are very aware of the negative reputation most people have of real estate agents and our goal is to change that reputation with every client we help.

If you're looking for a hot shot agent who drives a flashy car and that brags about how much they've sold, we're not the real estate agents for you.  If you want to work with rookie, part time, or otherwise inexperienced agents who have not solved the problems we have for our clients over the years, we are also not the agents for you.  We don't make promises we can't keep or deliver on.

If you're looking for honest, experienced real estate agents who will take the time to listen to what you're trying to achieve, then we have the experience, knowledge, and technology tools to help you. We don't make promises we can't keep or deliver on.

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